Rachel has lived in Randolph for nearly 23 years with her husband and two sons. She and her husband moved to the United States from India 25 years ago, and began their American life in the Ironbound section of Newark. Over the course of two years, they worked hard to earn a living and move to Randolph. Rachel worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse while studying for her Registered Nursing exam. After she was hired at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, the family moved to Randolph. Rachel values Randolph’s school system, which she considers to be one of the best. In fact, both of her sons graduated from Randolph High School. She believes in preserving the integrity of Randolph’s schools, not just by improving its academics, but also by hiring an SRO officer to protect students in case of an emergency. Rachel also values fiscal responsibility in municipal government and forming a new and forward looking master plan that puts Randolph’s residents first.


Amy was born and raised in West Orange, New Jersey. Her mother, who was heavily involved in the community, inspired a spirit of civic engagement in Amy. As a result, Amy has been involved in local politics since the early 2000’s. When she lived in West Orange, Amy worked on Councilwoman Patty Spango’s reelection campaign, served as secretary of the West Orange Democratic Committee, and served on the Human Relations Commission and the Rent Leveling Board. After moving to Randolph with her husband Patrick, Amy became a District Leader and ran a successful fundraiser for the Randolph Democratic Committee. Amy holds a BA in Organizational Communications from SUNY New Paltz. She worked in the pharmaceutical marketing industry for 16 years Amy will be a fresh voice in the Randolph Town Council. She will bring a new perspective, along with her years of experience in local government to the table. Amy will vote on issues with the safety and wallets of Randolph residents in mind.


David Timpanaro was born and raised in Bayonne, NJ. He grew up in the projects, and this upbringing instilled in him a passion for giving a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves. He has spent 15 years working to do that. Dave received his BA in Psychology from Rutgers University- Livingston College. He later completed his Master of Science in Human Services with a 4.0 GPA and will achieve his PhD from Capella University within a year. Since moving to Randolph, Dave has fallen in love with this great Township. Growing up, Dave dreamed of living in a township like Randolph, with a great school district and a strong, supportive community. He has worked hard to rise out of his circumstances to achieve this dream. Looking to contribute to the Randolph community, Dave joined the Municipal Alliance Committee (MAC), as well as the Recreation Committee in 2017, and remains an active member of MAC. Dave hopes to contribute even more to the community that has given him so much by representing you on the Township council. 


Joshua is a New Jersey native through and through. Born and raised in Livingston, New Jersey, Josh received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Rutgers, New Brunswick in 2003, where he was both a student representative and member of the executive board of the Rutgers College Governing Association. He went on to earn his law degree from Hofstra University in 2006. Upon the birth of his children, Corrine and Gavin, Josh and his wife Carrie relocated the family to Randolph, where his children could attend the wonderful public schools. Josh is currently a partner with the law firm Budd Larner, PC in Short Hills, where he specializes in employment and labor law. His love of the law and passion for justice and civic participation drove him to get involved in his community when he moved to Randolph. If elected, Josh’s goal is to work together with all Randolph residents, regardless of their party affiliation and political philosophy, to effectuate positive change in the Township.

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