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The Morris County Democratic Committee would like to say congratulations to the winners of our 2018 Nominating Convention. With more than 500 people in attendance, the convention was the largest in recent MCDC history.

The winners of the convention, who will be awarded the MCDC Party column in the June primary, are Senator Robert Menendez for Senate, Tom Malinowski for Congressional District 7, and Mikie Sherrill for Congressional District 11.

Our Democratic candidates for Morris County Freeholder will be Mary Dougherty, Richard Corcoran, and Rupande Mehta.


Below are the final vote numbers:


Senator Robert Menendez:  189 votes.

Mitchell Horn: 25 votes.

Lisa McCormick: 15 votes. 

Michael Starr Hopkins: 8 votes.


Congressional District 11:

Mikie Sherrill: 142 votes.

Tamara Harris: 29 votes.

Mark Washburne: 3 votes.

Mitchell Cobert: 1 vote.


Congressional District 7:

Tom Malinowski: 34 votes.

Goutam Jois: 17 votes.

Linda Weber: 10 votes.

Peter Jacob: 8 votes.

David Pringle: 4 votes.


Freeholder Candidates :

Mary Dougherty 

Richard Corcoran

Rupande Mehta


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