Mendham Township

TRISH O'BRIEN and BRENDA GRANT for Township Committee

Trish and Brenda are dedicated to Moving Mendham Forward by focusing on the many features that make Mendham such a wonderful and safe place to live and raise a family, by establishing improved communication, working toward greater consensus building and transparency in government, supporting town stewardship, and continuing to develop more community programs to foster and nurture our wonderful town.

Trish and Brenda want to move Mendham Township towards sharing more services with Mendham Borough.  A growing trend sees more municipalities saving money and operating more efficiently through shared services. Grant and O’Brien would like to make sure that the Township Committee keeps these trends in mind when spending tax dollars on new, Township-only projects.

When it comes to how the Township Committee is run, Trish and Brenda strongly believe in transparency  and being genuinely responsive to tax-paying voters. They hope to open the committee to the concerns and needs of residents, and include the many talented and richly experienced volunteers who are eager to contribute to our community.

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